Episode 37: Adriane Daff Recommends Five Films

The Take Away Special welcomes back one of our favourite guests, actor/writer/theatre maker Adriane Daff. We talk about the debut run of the play The Irresistible at PICA (directed by Zoe Pepper; co-devised/performed with Tim Watts), how the final production compared to the initial improvisations of devising a piece, working with on-stage tech to modulate voices as well as performance and how many times articles and reviews misspelled her name. Then we launch into more actor and movie talk with a Film Recommendations segment where Adriane selects five films to discuss, all of which are organised under the loose sub-genre of 'Films That People Are Surprised That I Recommend' or 'Films You Either Love Or Hate, But Should Learn To Love'. Not to spoil the rather diverse list but it includes a Will Ferrell comedy, a notorious superhero bomb, and a remake of a 1980s kid movie. What follows is an entertaining discussion of the personal reasons we often respond to movies as well as defending your tastes against the general consensus!
Photo by David Collins.