Episode 33: Ben Mulvey, Davilak Trail, 20 Segment Marathon

We are back with Episode 33 and a very special guest in the bearded form of comedian Ben Mulvey. Opening with some #Crowdsourced questions from listeners that take us into strange directions including the question of 'Who would you prefer to be friends with - Vin Diesel or The Rock?", we then move to the classic interview portion of the podcast, asking Ben about his recent Fringe World show with past guest Andrew Portelli, Good, Considering, as well as being a founding member of the Infinite Jest comedy night, and then the usual comedy podcast talk when you interview a comedian on a podcast. For Secret Perth, we look backwards into Ben's childhood for his recommendation of the Davilak Trail. Then, we delve into podcast overtime as Ben answers all the segments I have at my disposal for a 20 Segment Marathon including new segments like 'Community Messageboard' and 'Perth After 10pm'. It's a hoot and a half! Follow Ben Mulvey on twitter (https://twitter.com/benmulvey).