Episode 31: Matt Roberts, Bonus Episode For Our Patreon Subscribers

The person who has put in the most time as a co-host on The Take Away Special with his warm voice and considerable wit now becomes a guest - the best guest ever! That's right, Matt Roberts is the focus for this episode, our Bonus Episode For Our Patreon Subscribers (who don't exist; sorry, bad joke). We talk about his work as a representative for the Greens Party, the recent WA election, the "scaffolding" within conversation, what are his favourite alcoholic beverages, if a piece of writing has ever made him cry, the new IT trailer and horror movies, celebrity name-dropping, what's his water preference, and much, much more. All of this sparkling repartee is shot through with Matt Roberts' considerable smarts and charms. Please note: our apologies but The Take Away Special's output will be more sporadic and less 'fortnightly' as the host's energies also divert to working on RTRFM's new late night chat program, Midnight Special On RTRFM (available to stream on RTR's website http://rtrfm.com.au/shows/midnightspecial/ and also its own podcast). We will continue though with more episodes to come in the year ahead!