Episode 29: Joanna Gould, Sandwich Tales, Canning Bridge

If there was one person our segment 'Sandwich Tales' was made for, it was this guest (the best guest ever) on another fantastic episode of The Take Away Special. We sit down with freelance producer and curator Joanna Gould who just finished working as the General Manager for Going Down Swinging for an entertaining hour of chatWe discuss the best sandwich Joanna ever made and the best sandwich Joanna ever ordered, we cover her time working at Going Down Swinging, hear about working on the Gertrude Street Projection Festival, discuss some opinions on Marvel Movies vs. Marvel TV shows, discover which 1970s soft rock record both Joanna and Tristan's parents owned, and finally hear about the pleasures afforded by hanging out under Canning Bridge for 'Secret Perth'. An episode so good we're bound to expand our 13 person listenership! For more about Joanna Gould: http://www.joannagould.com/