Episode 27: Adriane Daff, Matt Aitken, Good Bad Acting, IMDB Trivia Game

Regular co-host Matt 'Paddle Clubb' Aitken joins The Take Away Special in welcoming a returning guest, one of our favourite guests, actor Adriane Daff for a special episode of rambling and ramshackle movie talk. Yes, we delve further into Adriane's theory of Good Bad Acting and Bad Good Acting by discussing our favourite examples of each as well as responding to a list of suggestions from people on social media. Hear why Mattie dislikes J.K. Simmons! Thrill to why Adriane is dubious of Andrew Garfield and Eddie Redmayne's charms! Spill to Tristan's impression of character Kevin Corrigan's voice! We also play a brand new segment called IMDB Trivia Game, which finds obscure pieces of trivia on actors' IMDB pages: for example, which actor has a tattoo of Bob Marley on their left shoulder? This is a fun one!