Episode 41: Anne Barnetson, Customer Service Wolf, Good Books You Should Read

Episode 41 Anne Barnetson.jpg

We are back with a brand new episode! Yes, for this episode we are especially delighted to have the talented illustrator Anne Barnetson in the studio to converse with, best known for her illustration work and the comic-strip, Customer Service Wolf. We discuss Anne's interest in art, drawing, the development of style and the creation of an idea about a wolf dealing with silly book store customers. As someone who reads regularly, working in book stores for ten years, Anne also provides us with a helpful list of Good Books You Should Read based on her own reconnaissance - all of which sound fascinating and worth checking out! A relaxed, fun conversation with one of our favourite artists and illustrators that also delves into trademark Take Away Special segments.


Customer Service Wolf: http://customerservicewolf.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/___wolfess/