Midnight Special II RTRFM Episode 3: Lana, Loftus Centre Stadium

Midnight Special II was a four episode show that was part of RTR's Revolver program. Episode #3 was broadcast on Tuesday 23 August 12:00am-1:00am on RTRFM 92.1. 

For the penultimate episode of The Midnight Special: Season 2, we welcome into the studio a dream-pop analog-synth practioner and classically-trained vocalist, Lana to discuss all things Lana. We cover the joy of playing at house parties, the gift of lifting (for the first time in his life, Tristan asks someone, "How much do you lift?"), chronic pain and the healing powers of certain types of music, getting more into experimental/noise zones, when do you give your music to bandcamp over soundcloud, the cinematic/visual art side of music composition, and a lot, lot more. For Secret Perth, Lana discusses the vantage point of Loftus Centre Stadium with an improvised song (first time!) and also answers some quick-fire segments including "Ultimate Recommendation". We also take in some previews of fresh, new Lana tracks including 'Mum's Virtual Reality Number One' and 'Three Wishes'. A great episode!

Tracks Featured:

  • Lana - 'Where You Are'   
  • Lana - 'Mums Virtual Reality Number One'    
  • Lana - 'Three Wishes'