The Father's Day Special - Live at The Moon: Robin Thomas, Michael Lim, Nick Odell and Matt Sav

For Father's Day 2016, The Take Away Special did something a little special - we recorded our first LIVE podcast! Live at The Moon Cafe, co-hosted by Matt Aitken, we interview four special guests who are all Dads! We spend time in the first half with some Classic Dads with Robin Thomas (father to Rupert from Erasers) and Michael Lim (father to Mei Saraswati) who discuss music tastes from their youth, tales of their own fathers, and Dad stories involving painting airplanes and advocating martial arts. Then we hear from the next generation with Rock Dads like drummer Nick Odell (of cease, ALZABO) and photographer/musician Matt Sav who talk about their thoughts about kids listening to Black Sabbath, cooking for their kids, and how much of a "head-f***" being a father is. We also have pamphlets from Father's Day sales, fishing tips from Rex Hunt, more Dad Jokes than you can shake a stick at, and a copy of John Farnham's 'Whispering Jack' to be given away. Warning: this podcast contains plenty of Dad Talk. 

Recorded 04/11/16, thank to Sean for sound engineering, and much love to George and Georgia at The Moon Cafe (William St, Northbridge) for having us.