Episode 20: Adriane Daff, Ton Sian Grocery

Episode 20 Adriane.jpg

Raise the curtains and turn on the spotlights, all the world's a stage for a podcast recording! The Take Away Special sits down with talented actor Adriane Daff (founding member of The Last Great Hunt collective) as our very special guest, and when you have a personality this vibrant and conversational, this episode becomes quite an epic spectacle of a conversation. We hear about the differences between studying acting in-depth between New York and Paris, explore further Adriane's theory about "Good Bad Actors", discuss coping strategies for actors within situations out of their control, and also hear some great anecdotes about Philip Seymour Hoffman in our semi-regular segment PSH Level (where we discuss our favourite Philip Seymour Hoffman performances). "'Secret' Perth" is crammed in at the last ten minutes with a recommendation of Ton Sian Grocery on Palmerston Street as well as an ex-pat craving for Chu Bakery. Do also check out the funny short film Adriane worked on, Melissa and Gaby, which is soon to become a web-series:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlzNb2M6pFY

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Photograph by: Courtney Illfield.