Episode 18: Lyndon Blue, Hayley Beth, Galaxy Drive In Theatre

You know him as Seams, Heathcote Blue, Leafy Suburbs, Solar Barge or even one half of Spirit Level, but finally The Take Away Special gets to sit down and consolidate all music endeavours into the one man, the myth, the mullet - Lyndon Blue as our very special guest. Responding to a listener's request and our own desires, the great Hayley Beth is also back as guest/co-host/voice of reason in a chaotic world. We have a fun time discussing playing music growing up, as different personas, the truth about "guitar face" and "singing face", and lots, lots more. Lyndon Blue also brings to the table two topics for 'Secret Perth' - one we've heard about before Herdsman Tavern (shout out to Peter Bibby) and the last remaining drive-in theatre in Perth (maybe), Galaxy Drive In Theatre. We also debut new segments right at the top: 'the 1080 Song Challenge' (thanks 1080!) and 'Teenage Bedroom Posters'.  


Hayley Beth's bandcamp: https://hayleybeth.bandcamp.com/

Leafy Suburbs' bandcamp: http://leafysuburbs.bandcamp.com/

Seams' bandcamp: http://seamsperth.bandcamp.com/

Heathcote Blue' bandcamp: https://heathcoteblue.bandcamp.com/releases

Spirit Level's bandcamp: https://spiritlevelduo.bandcamp.com/