Episode 19: Warsame Hassan, The Bakery (RIP), Ibrahim Khalil Track Debut!

Mudlark are one of the best live acts stomping around Perth and The Take Away Special is fortunate enough to have one half, drummer Warsame Hassan who is one cool breeze of a very special guest. We get into Warsame's formative influences in music from family members and friends including the other half of Mudlark - The Bovenizer, Steven - and how Mudlark developed into an instrumental powerhouse. For '"Secret" Perth', Warsame opens up about the best job he ever had, working as staff at the now defunct venue The Bakery (RIP). We are very fortunate to have some insight into Warsame's new side-project, the funk music of Ibrahim Khalil with a hot new track debuting at the end of this very smooth episode. Tune in, drop on, and check out this episode! 

For Mudlark's EP, check it out here: https://mudlarkperth.bandcamp.com/

For more Ibrahim Khalil, scope out tunes here: https://soundcloud.com/kahlilibrah