Episode 17: Danni McGrath, Rebecca Orchard, Semi-Decent, Chico Gelato

While they might be involved in the fortnightly street-press Semi-Decent, our guests on The Take Away Special are nothing but fully decent, spectacular people. Artist/print-maker Danni McGrath and artist/musician Rebecca Orchard (one half of Erasers) are in the studio for a delightful episode, representing the crew (including Rupert Thomas, Ryan Sandilands, Alex Griffin) that puts out such a beautiful publication. We go for an extra long episode that covers the following topics: high-school/university English books we never finished, the birth of Semi-Decent as a printed hard copy publication, Danni's supreme interest/talent in print-making, Rebecca's approach to her art, the Fear Of Missing Out, the importance of youth art programs, Perth's creative community, advice for the next generation, and much more. In a spontaneous '"Secret" Perth', we also wind up talking about our love of ice-cream, particularly when it is served up so stylishly by everyone's favourite, Chico Gelato. Finally, always remember: "Make Friends and Ask Questions!"