The Midnight Special RTRFM Episode 4: Loren Kronemyer, Secret California, Perth Heatwave of 1933

The Midnight Special is a six episode show that is part of RTR's Revolver program. Episode #4 was broadcast on Tuesday 15 March 12:00am-1:00am on RTRFM 92.1. 

What should you do after a snake bite? Go on a late night talk show, that's what! Yes, Episode #4 of The Midnight Special welcomes artist Loren Kronemyer (one half of PONY EXPRESS, creator of Mount Force, previous performer at Proximity Festival) to the microphone who discusses her non-lethal encounter with a Woma Python, which she organised to endure! Yes, that's just one example of the research and experiences that Loren engages in as a performative artist interested in ecological sexuality, inter-species communication, and artistic collaboration. We hear about Loren's suggestion for the ad hoc segment "Secret California" in exchange for the "Secret Perth" taken from, 'the Perth Heatwave of 1933'. There's a great Continental Roll review from a man named 'J.T.' and lots of tunes with accompanying shout-outs from Loren's record collection. 

Loren Kronemyer's website:

Photo by: Matt Saville and Peter Cheng

Featured Tracks:

- Mining Tax - 'The Claw'
- Syd Barrett - 'Maisie' 
- Natasha Agrama - 'The Pull Of You'