Episode 11: Magda Wozniak, Matthew Giles, WA Suburban Christmas Lights

From W.A. to Ramsay Street and back again, The Take Away Special is pleased to have as the best guest ever, writer Magda Wozniak, an ex-Perth ex-pat in Melbourne who is living the dream helping to story and script some of Australia's best loved and longest running soaps. With fellow writer and friend Matthew Giles in the co-hosting role, we have a charming time talking about working in commercial television, the difference between Home and Away and Neighbours, what "Home and Away" is actually in reference to, Dr. Karl's band, writing habits, gendered writing voice, and a whole lot more. We also explore one of Magda's passions as a Christmas Girl with "Secret Perth" spotlighting Suburban Christmas Lights and where to see the ones that can bring you to the verge of tears. This one is and Woz a winner!