Episode 25: Gemma Black, Hungry Laalaa, North Cottesloe Dog Beach

Looking for some Legend of Zelda sword earrings? A Salmon Roe Sushi necklace? Or a Halal Snack Pack pin? Welcome to the world of Hungry Laalaa! The Take Away Special sits down to chat with designer Gemma Black, a quick-witted, politically-knowledgeable and vivacious guest. We discuss how she comes up and makes her unique accessories, how politician Anne Aly helped her go viral, what goes into organising the biggest Halal Snack Pack event on the west coast and at this time of recording, how to deal with a Trump Presidential win. With great answers to segments like Sandwich Tales and Teenage Bedroom Posters, Gemma also brings to the '"Secret" Perth' table the delights inherit within North Cottesloe Dog Beach (and a helpful tip on how to approach a dog). Fun, fun, fun! 

Yes, if you want to know more about Hungry Laalaa and possibly have ideas for commissions, follow this link: https://www.instagram.com/hungrylaalaa/

For more information about the Halal Food Bank - Perth: https://www.facebook.com/HalalFoodBankPerth/

If you have any dog photos for Gemma, suggestions for sauce combinations for kebabs or thoughts on Lady Gaga's song 'Grigio Girls', please e-mail us at takeawayspecial@gmail.com.