Episode 24: Eva Niollet, Matt Aitken, Paddle Club

Bonsoir! The Take Away Special records in the "city of love", Paris, with the presence of our special guest artist/musician Eva Niollet who reflects on her year living in Perth before returning to France. Alongside the cheekiest of co-hosts, Matt Aitken, we discuss Eva's impressions of rock music, how she learned to play music, performing live with people like Benjamin Witt and Nicholas Allbrook, which artists have inspired her in art-making, and French music she'd recommend at the drop of a hat. We also hear an impression of a South-French accent! Coincidentally, Eva's 'Secret Perth' is Matt Aitken's own creation, Paddle Clubb, where people can take a kayak and drift across the still waters of the Swan River. A true treat of an episode!

Facebook link for Paddle Clubb here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/162262964109605/