Episode 23: Andrew Portelli, C Y O'Connor Beach

A podcast isn't truly a podcast until you've had a comedian drop by to discuss comedy. Thankfully the comedian is the acerbic, upfront Andrew Portelli who was back in town for a brief stretch and sat down for a one-on-one at The Take Away Special. From performing in rooms across Perth as well as being involved in the comedy troupe Oh The Humanity!, Portelli talks about moving to Melbourne, observing the difference between professionals on-TV and off-TV, and explaining what exactly the "infamously" Comedians In Coffee Watching Cars with Ben Mulvey was all about. We also wind up talking about LinkinPark and Rage Against The Machine, so there you go. For Secret Perth, Portelli opens up with a secret spot with a beautiful sight of the Fremantle Harbour Lights: C Y O'Connor Beach. C'mon, what are you waiting for? Have a listen!

Andrew Portelli's Twitter: https://twitter.com/AaaahPortelli