Episode 22: Shannon Malone, Matt Aitken, Fish-Head Laksa In Murdoch

"The other day I tried to use Bunnings as a verb." Yes, that is the distinct train of thought that signifies Matt Aitken is back in the saddle as co-host for an episode of The Take Away Special. Our very special guest is the very talented designer Shannon Malone, owner of her own clothing label By Shannon Malone, creator of The Salon magazine and curator of The Salon Studios (which at the time of recording had finished its pop-up store in Subiaco). With her refined sense of taste and interest in universally versatile style, Malone talks about how she approaches each working day of her business, how she first became interested in fashion selling items at stalls while in high school and importantly, opens up about her favourite place for Fish-Head Laksa In Murdoch for "Secret Perth" (follow the directions) as well as a lot, lot more! For the first time, we also go into Take Away Special Overtime where in the process of wrapping up, we extend the episode beyond the far-out reaches of what constitutes conversation. Wear this episode out, dear listeners aka "Takers"! 

Illustration by: Kuan Jia

By Shannon Malone's website: http://byshannonmalone.com/