Episode 21: Haylee Fieldes, Matt Roberts, Take Off Rock

With the sage counsel of Matt Roberts returning as a co-host, The Take Away Special rides again! We're very fortunate to have as our guest, artist Haylee Fieldes aka "Fieldey", who went from adolescent dreams of "equine art" to the pains of working as interior design into a successful field of her own, painting surfboards and large-scale murals across Perth. We discuss about inspiration in South America, building a career from pun-laden animorphs, dealing with public criticism while painting outdoors, and debuting a new segment, Old Timey Swears.  For "Secret" Perth, we hear of a true secret with Haylee's suggestion of a secret surfing point where you catch all the waves, Take Off Rock! Truly an episode you'll need a Hawaiian shirt and two air-horns for!

Haylee Fieldes' website: http://www.fieldey.com/about.html