Episode 6: Alexandra Lekias, Alana Scherr, Jessie Mitchell, Scitech

Our shortest episode yet of The Take Away Special (just due to time constraints really), but bursting with cheer, energy and wordplay thanks to our stellar guest, artist Alexandra Lekias! Firstly, the ghost of previous guest Jessie Mitchell drops a bomb on everyone with an example of how a restaurant shouldn’t treat its diners’ leftovers. Then with returning co-host Alana Scherr, we talk to Alexandra about all sorts of things: where she uses colour in her art, how many dresses she owns, what are the positive aspects of hoarding, etc. We also dip into some new segments such as “Dad Stories” and return to classic segments such as “Secret Perth” where, for her entry, Alexandra brings to the table many wonderful memories of exhibits at Scitech!

For more about the art of Alexandra Lekias, check out her website: http://www.alexandralekias.com/

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