Episode 7: Camilo Mejia, Mei Saraswati, Forgotten Lakes




Friend, journalist and writer Camilo Mejia is our very special guest for Episode 7 of The Take Away Special, discussing his work as part of the VELA Coletivo in Colombia and his upbringing living on a boat with his parents for four years. Co-host is the super-talented musician Mei Saraswati who takes over the '"Secret" Perth' segment with her insights into the Forgotten Lakes of Perth. Oh so short at 30 minutes, but packed with good humour and insights, we also all take a turn playing the segment "I know its good, but I can't get into it..."

For more insights into the work of VELA Colectivo, please check out their website: http://www.velacolectivo.com/

For the awesome music of Mei Saraswati, please treat your ears here: https://meisaraswati.bandcamp.com/