2015/2016 Special: Matt Roberts, Jessie Mitchell, Matt Aitken, Alana Scherr, 100% Feelings

Your 2016 To Do List:
1. Listen to the 2015/2016 Special of The Take Away Special.
2. Realise it's two hours long (Two hours? Two hours!).
3. Be warned there's no guest or topic - just a round robin of digressions about dim sum, lists, NYEs, dating tips, the actual tip, poetic quotations, shots fired, life hacks, bad service, and feelings to be given.
4. Follow 100% Feelings @mofeels on twitter.
5. Purchase your tickets to Alana Minnelli's debut stand-up show for Fringe World 2016, 'Minnellium'. Dates: Thurs 4 Feb-Sun 7 Feb. $20 ticket. #nocomps
6. Have a great 2016!

Note: recorded in a more innocent time in 2016 before David Bowie and Alan Rickman's passing (RIP).