Episode 2: Amber Bateup, Matt Roberts, Morley Galleria

Welcome to The Take Away Special, an interview podcast hosted by Tristan Fidler. Each episode, there will be a guest co-host to mix things up, and each episode, there is a special guest to ask questions of. Contains several segments including the illuminating and mysterious... 'Secret Perth'. It's all very loose.

Episode 2 features guest co-host Matt Roberts (poet) and welcomes as a special guest, award-winning photographer Amber Bateup. We explore dark room etiquette, photographing gigs, and musician banter. Then 'Secret Perth' explores... "Morley Galleria".

For more of Amber Bateup's photography, please follow this link: http://www.amberbateup.com/

This Podcast's Theme Song: SODA Lite 'Passion' from the album, Slice of Life. Thank you, SODA Lite! Link: https://soda-lite.bandcamp.com/album/slice-of-life

Photo courtesy of Amber Bateup.