Episode 1: Alana Scherr, Matt Aitken, North Perth Plaza

Welcome to The Take Away Special, an interview podcast hosted by Tristan Fidler. Each episode, there will be a guest co-host to mix things up, and each episode, there is a special guest to ask questions of. Contains several segments including the illuminating and mysterious... 'Secret Perth'. It's all very loose.

Episode 1 features guest co-host Matt Aitken (Magnolia's, Egg TV, Gilbert Fawn) and welcomes as a special guest, comedian/performer Alana Scherr. There's a lot to discuss including podcasts, parents, and anxiety. Then 'Secret Perth' explores... "North Perth Coles/North Perth Plaza".

Pilot Podcast Theme Song: Eleventeen Eston's 'Shoelace Episode 1: Hugo's Theme" (from the album Vertical Horizon, 2014). Thank you, EE! Link: midheaven.com/item/delta-horizon…leventeen-eston-mc