Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode 62: Mont Lloyd, Tom Joyner and Kam Bin Salleh (ICEA Foundation)


New host Mont Lloyd presents two hours of music and chat with wonderful guests Tom Joyner and Kam Bin Salleh from ICEA Foundation, a non-for-profit, youth-focused organisation. Mont talks to Tom and Kam about the overarching purpose of ICEA - to achieve reconciliation through mutual respect for all Australians - and how it can work on the level of local communities, how it might be faced on social media, what young people bring to the table at ICEA, and how listening is so important to moving forward. A great, positive conversation!

For further information on ICEA Foundation, visit their website: http://www.iceafoundation.com.au/

Broadcast on RTRFM 92.1 on Thursday June 7th - Friday June 8th, 2018. For the full uncut episode complete with all of the songs Mont played, you can listen on our Midnight Special RTRFM Mixcloud account here: https://www.mixcloud.com/MidnightSpecialOnRTRFM/episode-62-mont-lloyd-tom-joyner-and-kam-bin-salleh-icea-foundation/