Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode 53: Ben Yaxley, Erin Puccinelli, the Priemus Sisters

midnight special 53.jpg

If you have wondered what its like to live on Rottnest Island, on this episode your hosts Erin Puccinelli and Ben Yaxley speak to the Priemus Sisters - three siblings who grew up living on the island, once a prison and now a holiday resort. Plenty of good music on the itinerary too, as well as Ben's the Magic Pudding quiz, Caveman Club, Poolside Pandemonium, and other silly segments. Originally broadcast on RTRFM 92.1 on Thursday April 5th - Friday April 6th, 2018. For the station web page, go here: http://rtrfm.com.au/show-episode/midnightspecial-2018-04-05/ For the full episode - complete with songs included - go to our Mixcloud page: https://www.mixcloud.com/MidnightSpecialOnRTRFM/midnight-special-rtrfm-episode-53-ben-yaxley-erin-puccinelli-the-premius-sisters/