Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode 44: Elizabeth Davie (Super Woman Money Program) and Gabrielle Beasley, Jaleesa Marie and Tor Snyder (Crazy Sexy Improv)


Your host Tristan Fidler presents two hours of sparkling chat with some 1990s-era R'n'B references thrown into the mix. Elizabeth Davie drops by live in studio to discuss her new show for Super Woman Money Program and the tough question of inequality in superannuation for women, and how to make that funny for audiences! We have a chat about financial matters as well as some true Midnight Special styled randomness! Then we welcome Tor Snyder, Jaleesa Marie and Gabrielle Beasley, the stars of Crazy Sexy Improv into the studio to discuss their Fringe World show, share their favourite 1990s R'n'B jams, riff on the idea of touring holograms and answer some of our trademark random questions ("Wack job - what is a wackiest job you've ever worked or been offered?"). Broadcast originally on RTRFM 92.1 on Thursday February 1st and Friday February 2nd, 2018. Full playlist available on the RTRFM website: http://rtrfm.com.au/show-episode/midnightspecial-2018-02-01/