The Midnight Special RTRFM Episode 5: Mei Saraswati, Chip On feat DJ Aslan, Ask Uncle Tristan & Auntie Mei

The Midnight Special is a six episode show that is part of RTR's Revolver program. Episode #5 was broadcast on Tuesday 22 March 2016 12:00am-1:00am on RTRFM 92.1. 

A very loose yet heartfelt episode of The Midnight Special with our very special guest, high priestess of soul and water diviner of the wetlands, Mei Saraswati! We kick off the hour with a new segment, "Chip On", where we discuss the best hot chips in W.A. alongside Cloudwaves presenter DJ Aslan for a special guest appearance where he shares his own sense memories of roller-rink chips in Malaga. Then we focus on Mei, hearing her discuss how she began to get into music, what she admires about pop music, and yet why she doesn't ever want to be on a Top Ten chart next to Rihanna. We also introduce a new advice segment "Ask Uncle Tristan and Auntie Mei" that provides some united wisdom for our listeners yet is short-lived for how dolling out advice makes one feel like a politician. We run through other segments including "Spirit Animal" and "Dad Stories" and hear from Mei's record collection including a track from an 11 year old who is in one of Mei and Akioka's school music classes.  

Tracks Featured:

A-WA - 'Habib Galbi'  
Makyla - 'Rejection'    
Ibeyi - 'Think Of You'