Midnight Special II RTRFM Episode 2: Akioka, Dolphin Secrets, Abandoned Trolleys of Joondana

Midnight Special II was a four episode show that was part of RTR's Revolver program. Episode #2 was broadcast on Tuesday 9 August 2016 12:00am-1:00am on RTRFM 92.1. 

This is a party and a half of an episode of The Midnight Special! We have musician Akioka and video artist Dolphin Secrets in the studio to discuss their friendship and creative collaboration as well as introducing so many new words and ideas: "cantaloupe and prosciutto", "cheese cookies", "pranxiety", and a new future segment, "cooked song choice". For Secret Perth, we also discuss the serious issue of Abandoned Trolleys of Joondana. If you want to see a Perth-based remake of The Happening, please let us know by twitter (@midnightRTRFM) or e-mail (takeawayspecial@gmail.com).  

Tracks Featured:

  • Bobby Hutcherson - 'Theme From MASH'
  • Speech Debelle feat. Roots Manuva - 'Wheels In Motion'
  • Joe Tex - 'I Wanna Be Free'