MIdnight Special On RTRFM Episode 29: LIVE AT CAMP DOOGS! Special Guests: Nandi Chinna, Ali Flintoff, Pussy Mothers! Ben Yaxley Doogs 2017 Soundscape!


This week on Midnight Special, your host TFid plays the Midnight Special Live At Camp Doogs, part of the Perth Podcast Festival (the first of its kind) in the Mild Doogs tent. Tom Reynolds and Zoe Zarzycki are your co-hosts in Harvey, letting fly with improvised questions as we talk to Special Guests including: poet Nandi Chinna, musician Ali Flintoff (BOAT SHOW) and the band Pussy Mothers. Tune in for a racouous insight into camping tips, protesting bulldozers, the unheralded influence of Silverchair, a Glasgow perspective on Mandurah, and much, much more! We also hear an extract from Ben Yaxley's tape-recording adventures at Camp Doogs, creating a trademark-Ben-Yaxley soundscape of the festival! Broadcast on RTRFM 92.1 October 19th, 2017.