Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode 58: WORST AND WEIRDEST COVER SONGS! Special Guests: Gabrielle Beasley and James Palm!


This very fun episode is devoted to the topic, 'The Worst (and The Weirdest) Cover Songs Of All Time', which is a celebration, discussion and enthusiastic debate about what cover versions of classic songs count as the worst and the weirdest. In the studio are very special guests to help judge all the suggestions we received: comedians James Palm (stand up and cast member of Monkey Collective) and Gabrielle Beasley (improviser and from Only The Human). Surprise LIVE ukele performance of Drake's 'Hotline Bling' by "Britney Spears" and "Bob Dylan"! Broadcast on RTRFM 92.1 on Thursday May 10th - Friday May 11th, 2018. Full uncut episode with all of the music is available on our Midnight Special RTRFM Mixcloud account: https://www.mixcloud.com/MidnightSpecialOnRTRFM/midnight-special-rtrfm-episode-58-the-worst-and-weirdest-cover-songs/

Midnight Special On RTRFM Bonus Episode: Video Store Special Bonus Features


Bonus Features from our Video Store Special which includes ten people discussing their experience working in video stores. In this Bonus Episode of out-takes, we hear answers to the questions "What were the most popular or most stolen titles?" and "What other video stores did you go to?"

Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode #56: THE VIDEO STORE SPECIAL!

Video Store Special 3.jpg

Please join your host Tristan Fidler for THE VIDEO STORE SPECIAL, which will be an insight, an audio documentary if you will, into working in video stores, a once thriving now dwindling industry that had such a massive impact on a generation's viewing habits. We will hear stories about what the high and lows were of such a job, the consequences of video recommendations, best and worst customer interactions, and much more! Features interviews with:

  • Kirsten Robb
  • Jonathon Miller
  • David Vincent Smith
  • Libby Noble
  • James Beck
  • Yvette Coyne
  • Seychelle
  • Nathan 
  • John Lekias
  • Jeremy Holmes

Broadcast on RTRFM 92.1 on Thursday April 26th - Friday April 27th, 2018. Show link on the station website: http://rtrfm.com.au/shows/midnightspecial/

Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode 55: Lauren Salt, Vida Crow, Rosie Taylor (WOMPP, Feels), Alana Macpherson, Young Women In The Industry


In this episode of the Midnight Special on RTRFM, Lauren Salt hosts Part One in a series of interviews with Young Women In The Industry. Throughout these discussions, we look to open safe and enlightening dialogue on their experience and perspective in the Industry. In this series, we will hear from women all over the working world from Business, Trades work, Science and Technology, The Arts and Sex Work. For Part One, Lauren is joined in studio by:

- musician Rosie Taylor from WOMPP and Feels 
- Vida Crow, a construction worker
- Alana Macpherson, a jazz saxophonist and co-organiser of Young Women in Jazz.
- and we hear a special reading from Amy Gibbs

This episode was broadcast on RTRFM 92.1 on Thursday April 19th - Friday April 20th, 2018. Our show page is on the station website is here: http://rtrfm.com.au/shows/midnightspecial/ For the full episode uncut, complete with played music, go to our Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/MidnightSpecialOnRTRFM/midnight-special-rtrfm-episode-55-lauren-salt-vida-crow-rosie-taylor-alana-macpherson/

Midnight Special on RTRFM Episode 54: Ai-Ling Truong, Paul Iskov aka Yoda ( Fervor), Music Food Songs


Tune into this episode of The Midnight Special on RTRFM 92.1 as your host Ai-Ling chats to local food legend Yoda of Fervor and finds out when he got passionate about cooking, his experiences of staging, kitchen disasters (#beetrootgate), the reality of using native ingredients, what it’s like setting up a restaurant in the middle of nowhere and what we can expect from his upcoming cookbook. There will also be some Midnight Special questions thrown in the mix where we find out about Yoda’s wack jobs, sandwich tales and what kind of cheapskate romantic he is as well as tunes he likes to listen to when cooking and his fav bands growing up.

Then we explore musicians and bands who have delved into the food and drink industry - from wine making to cheese making, writing cookbooks, opening bars and restaurant franchises, and branded craft beer. Broadcast on RTRFM 92.1 on Thursday April 12th - Friday April 13th, 2018. Full episode with all music included can be listened to on our Mixcloud page: https://www.mixcloud.com/MidnightSpecialOnRTRFM/midnight-special-rtrfm-episode-54-ai-ling-truong-paul-iskov-aka-yoda-fervor-music-food-songs/ Midnight Special on RTRFM station page: http://rtrfm.com.au/shows/midnightspecial/

Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode 53: Ben Yaxley, Erin Puccinelli, the Priemus Sisters

midnight special 53.jpg

If you have wondered what its like to live on Rottnest Island, on this episode your hosts Erin Puccinelli and Ben Yaxley speak to the Priemus Sisters - three siblings who grew up living on the island, once a prison and now a holiday resort. Plenty of good music on the itinerary too, as well as Ben's the Magic Pudding quiz, Caveman Club, Poolside Pandemonium, and other silly segments. Originally broadcast on RTRFM 92.1 on Thursday April 5th - Friday April 6th, 2018. For the station web page, go here: http://rtrfm.com.au/show-episode/midnightspecial-2018-04-05/ For the full episode - complete with songs included - go to our Mixcloud page: https://www.mixcloud.com/MidnightSpecialOnRTRFM/midnight-special-rtrfm-episode-53-ben-yaxley-erin-puccinelli-the-premius-sisters/

Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode 52: Tess Bury, Bullet Train 4 Australia


Your special guest host Tess Bury interviews the members of the Bullet Train 4 Australia collective - Sam Newman, Ben Aguero and Tom Rogers - discussing their beliefs in Very Fast Trains for Australia, their work as a music-visual collective, performing work at Munchies in Fremantle, and then asking them questions like "Would you rather watch ET four times in a row or eat very salty pasta?" or hearing their musical influences such as William Basinski. It's an intriguing, loopy long-form chat, courtesy of the Midnight Special! Broadcast on RTRFM 92.1 on Thursday March 29th - Friday March 30th, 2018. Full show list is available on the station website: http://rtrfm.com.au/show-episode/midnightspecial-2018-03-29/

For the uncut episode, complete with music and songs, go to the Midnight Special Mixcloud page: https://www.mixcloud.com/MidnightSpecialOnRTRFM/midnight-special-rtrfm-episode-52-tess-bury-bullet-train-4-australia-musicvideo-collective/

For an example of Bullet Train 4 Australia's work, click here: 



Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode 51: Matthew Tomich, Laurent Shervington, Ben Yaxley, MIDInight Special Podcast #2


Tune in for another delightful dose of West Coast esoterica on The Midnight Special.

Ft. Laurent Shervington (Rotunda Media, Catwalk, Didion's Bible), Ben Yaxley (Rainy Colbert, animator extraordinaire) and Matthew Tomich (author of these words right here). We're talking:

💻 MIDI memories
😱 Uncanny occurrences
✈ In-flight fears
🎦 Unforgettable cinematic experiences
🍞 Half-baked ideas and how to finish them
❓ And lots more

This episode also features MIDInight Special Podcast Episode #2 and the Doom video game soundtrack. Broadcast on RTRFM 92.1 on Thursday March 22nd - Friday March 23rd, 2018. Show link on the station website: http://rtrfm.com.au/show-episode/midnightspecial-2018-03-22/

Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode 50: Museum Of Water feat. Sarah Rowbottam, Jen Jamieson and Rebecca Orchard


Your host Zoe Zarzycki welcomes very special guests involved in the Museum of Water Perth (which was exhibiting at Fremantle Arts Centre until March 26th) - creative producer Sarah Rowbottam and custodians Rebecca Orchard and Jen Jamieson. They discuss what the Museum of Water is, what type of water has been donated to the Australian edition of this international art installation, and share audio recordings of people explaining their stories (featuring "Gabriel", "John" and "Kris") that are very warm and moving, making us think about all the unique ways we are connected to water. Dip into the audio stream!

For further audio tales of Water, check out the Museum of Water's Soundcloud page for Perth Festival 2018: https://soundcloud.com/perthfest/sets/museum-of-water-piaf-2017

To check out the Museum of Water page, please go here: http://www.museumofwater.co.uk/water-museum-collection/

Broadcast on Thursday March 15th - Friday March 16th, 2018 on RTRFM 92.1. Original show link is available here: https://rtrfm.com.au/show-episode/midnightspecial-2018-03-15/

Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode 49: Food By Women Soundscape, Alia Glorie (Billie H.) and Amy Hamilton (Liberte)

food by women.jpg

The Midnight Special celebrates International Women's Day with your host Ai-Ling presenting a very special show looking at women in the hospitality industry. There will be a recording shared which Ai-Ling has put together that documents what went down at last week’s FOOD BY WOMEN event by Food Land Culture at Perth City Farm which shined a spotlight on the Western Australian women who make our food, drink and agriculture extraordinary, featuring 8 women chefs cooking dishes using produce from local female farmers and producers. 

There will be chats with two female chefs who are at the top of their game – Alia Glorie, head chef of Billie H. and Amy Hamilton, the owner and head chef of Liberte. We are going to find out how they got into cooking and their kitchen experiences, as well as getting their sandwich tales, wack jobs and repeat rentals.

Broadcast on Thursday March 8th - Friday March 9th on RTRFM 92.1. Original show link available on the station website: https://rtrfm.com.au/show-episode/midnightspecial-2018-03-08/


Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode 48: Ellen Broadhurst, Anthony Iacomella aka Big Tony, and The MIDI-night Special podcast


Taking hold of the microphone reins, your newest host (and friend) Ben Yaxley takes listeners on a long-yarn trip through the wilde worlds of MIDI music, ghost stories and urban apparrell. We hear the debut of a new spinoff podcast "The MIDI-night Special" where Ben and his friend Tim Gates talk computer music, the Simarillion and the advantages of being able to timestop an entire orchestra.  Experimental film maker and funnyperson Ellen Broadhurst comes into the studio to talk on her latest project Ghosts of Vincent, a documentary about the Perth Ghost Scene, which will be part of the Revelation Film Festival in June.   Visual artist Anthony Iacomella (AKA Big Tony) phones in to talk about his solo show Most Wasted and Ben tries to uncover some of the mysteries beind Big Tony's painting. Ellen and Tony join in for some cool new segments "Poolside Pandemonium", "Fashion Club", "Jasper's Questions about Reincarnation", and "SOBs of the Silver Screens - what movie had you sobbing like a newborn baby" - to which our answers were all Click. Broadcast on Thursday March 1st - Friday March 2nd, 2018 on RTRFM 92.1. Show page on station website here: http://rtrfm.com.au/show-episode/midnightspecial-2018-03-01/

Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode 47: Judy Young (Young Hoops) and Benjamin Kontoullas (Write Like Neon)


For this episode, your host Tristan Fidler aka TFid welcomes two special guests for a double serving of chat. First, we talk to Judy Young aka Young Hoops about her company that teaches hoop-dance to all ages, perfecting on-body and off-body hooping, and the benefits of passing on the playful fun and exercise benefits of hoop exercise. Then, we get to know about lights, neon lights specifically, from Benjamin Kontoullas (of Camp Doogs and Write Like Neon) who gives us insight into the long-running art of neon sign designing, making and installing as well as giving major props to the great man who taught him the trade (shout out to George Aitken) as well as giving us his favourite neon signs in Perth. It's fun, illuminating conversation on the Midnight SpecialBroadcast on RTRFM 92.1 on Thursday February 22nd - Friday February 23rd, 2018. Show page link on station website: http://rtrfm.com.au/show-episode/midnightspecial-2018-02-22/

Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode 46: Skye Faithful (Balthazar) and Rachael Niall (Budburst Small Bar)


On this episode of The Midnight Special, your host Ai-Ling chats to some kickass women in the food and drink industry. Get an insight into chef-life with Skye Faithful, head chef of Balthazar - we discuss her pathway to becoming a chef, what she likes  to cook, what it takes to be a head chef, food trends and what keeps her coming back! We get into some serious wine talk with Rachael Niall, owner and sommerlier of Budburst Small Bar - looking at how she got started in the industry, what it's like to run your own bar, importance of glassware, the types of wines WA is known for and some interesting wines to check out. These women will share some fascinating insights into their work and we’ll also be celebrity name dropping, talking about wack jobs and a Midnight Special favourite – sandwich tales! Originally broadcast on RTRFM 92.1 Thursday February 15th - Friday February 16th, 2018. Show link on the RTRFM website here: http://rtrfm.com.au/show-episode/midnightspecial-2018-02-15/ Episode 45 of the Midnight Special was an all music show not available as a podcast - it can be found uncut on Mixcloud. TFid hosts 2 hours of love songs from the movies, VHS Tracking Radio: Love Themes: https://www.mixcloud.com/TFid/vhs-tracking-radio-love-themes/

Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode 44: Elizabeth Davie (Super Woman Money Program) and Gabrielle Beasley, Jaleesa Marie and Tor Snyder (Crazy Sexy Improv)


Your host Tristan Fidler presents two hours of sparkling chat with some 1990s-era R'n'B references thrown into the mix. Elizabeth Davie drops by live in studio to discuss her new show for Super Woman Money Program and the tough question of inequality in superannuation for women, and how to make that funny for audiences! We have a chat about financial matters as well as some true Midnight Special styled randomness! Then we welcome Tor Snyder, Jaleesa Marie and Gabrielle Beasley, the stars of Crazy Sexy Improv into the studio to discuss their Fringe World show, share their favourite 1990s R'n'B jams, riff on the idea of touring holograms and answer some of our trademark random questions ("Wack job - what is a wackiest job you've ever worked or been offered?"). Broadcast originally on RTRFM 92.1 on Thursday February 1st and Friday February 2nd, 2018. Full playlist available on the RTRFM website: http://rtrfm.com.au/show-episode/midnightspecial-2018-02-01/

Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode 43: Ky Sinclair (Love Home Project) and Zain Awan (ZAN)

Your host Zoe Zarzycki presents a show with the topic of "LOVE" and welcomes two special guests to discuss it: organiser Ky Sinclair (of The Homelove Project) and singer Zain Awan (aka ZĀN). Broadcast on RTRFM 92.1 on Thursday January 25th, 2018. Full show and song list can be restreamed on the RTR website here: http://rtrfm.com.au/show-episode/midnightspecial-2018-01-25/

Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode 42: MAGNOLIA'S THE DROP IN (Recorded Live At The Bird)

For the Midnight Special, your host TFid presents another audio treat from late last year - Magnolia's The Drop In (2017 Edition). Recorded during the holiday break at The Bird, TFid and Maitkens interview former residents of Perth back in town including: musician/writer Caroline J. Dale, sisters Anna and Clare Gregory (Debbie Downers), musician/artist Leonie Brialey (of Ostraaly), Jayde Baldock on #perthaesthetics, and writer Steph Kretowicz (author of Somewhere I’ve Never Been). Please also get ready for The Christmas Girls - Caroline J Dale interviewing television writer Magda Wozniak - BFF interview! Broadcast live on RTRFM 92.1 on Thursday January 18th, 2018. Follow our show page here: http://rtrfm.com.au/show-episode/midnightspecial-2018-01-18/

Don't forget we podcast all episodes on iTunes. Download using your app of choice! Link: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/midnight-special-on-rtrfm/id1225089936?mt=2

You can also find our music-based shows on our Mixcloud account: https://www.mixcloud.com/MidnightSpecialOnRTRFM/

Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode 41: Playtime Special! Special Guests: Blair Vidakovich, KAN Collective and Mason Rothwell.

Hosted by Zoe Zarzycki, this episode of the Special is all about Playtime! We caught up with local performance-makers KAN Collective to chat about their immersive Paper Mountain playspace, House of JoysBlair Vidakovich introduced us to the world of underground Atari programming and revolutionary rock-paper-scissors. Guest selector Mason Rothwell spun some choice bops, tunes, and/or bangers from video game soundtracks. Broadcast on RTRFM 92.1 on Thursday January 11th - Friday January 12th, 2018. Full Video Game Soundtrack Special with all songs included is available on our Mixcloud page: https://www.mixcloud.com/MidnightSpecialOnRTRFM/midnight-special-episode-041-video-game-soundtrack-special-guest-selector-mason-rothwell/


House of Joys: https://www.facebook.com/kancollective/


Blair's twitter: https://twitter.com/dirtycommo

Atari 2600 Homebrew database: https://www.atari2600homebrew.com/

Youth Affairs Council of WA: https://www.yacwa.org.au/

Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode 40: Magnolia's Live at Gizzfest 2017 featuring La Luz!

Hello and happy new year - welcome to the first Midnight Special episode of 2018! It's a special treat, a double feature! In the first part hosted by Tristan Fidler, we listen to a live recording of a Magnolia's Late Night Live chat show held at Gizzfest 2017 - with your host TFid, Matt Aitken, "Jimmy's Choice" and Amber Fresh - interviewing one of our favourite bands, La Luz!! Broadcast on RTRFM 92.1 on Thursday January 4th, 2018. For the full show and track-list, please visit the RTRFM website here: http://rtrfm.com.au/show-episode/midnightspecial-2018-01-04/ For the second half of this episode, the VHS Tracking Radio Summer Movie Soundtrack Special, please visit this Mixcloud page: https://www.mixcloud.com/TFid/vhs-tracking-radio-summer-special/

Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode 39: End Of Year Special with Ai-Ling, Miko and T-Fid!

For the final episode of Midnight Special in 2017, co-hosts Ai-Ling, Miko and T-Fid sit down together to have a laid-back chat about the year that was, their favourite gigs and songs, what resolutions or key words they might have for 2018 and just have a fun time. Please enjoy our End Of Year Special as it comes straight from the heart and that's a "fucken vibe"! Broadcast On RTRFM 92.1 on 28th December, 2017. Full playlist available here: http://rtrfm.com.au/show-episode/midnightspecial-2017-12-28/

Midnight Special On RTRFM Episode 38: Rose Kingdom-Barron and Samantha Martin from Safer Venues WA

Your host Tristan Fidler welcomes Rose Kingdom-Barron and Samantha Martin from Safer Venues WA to discuss at length their advocacy group, how it began, what their WA-based survey shows about safety at music and entertainment spaces, and how we can all help in terms of making sure everyone is heard, respected and safe. Content Warning: please note this discussion covers issues of sexual assault, harassment and rape culture. Broadcast on RTRFM 92.1 on December 21st, 2017. For more information about Safer Venues WA: https://www.facebook.com/safervenuesWA/